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netcat backdoor
Netcat tutorials

Hello Friends,
Today I’m going to show you that what is netcat tool? how to use netcat tool on Windows and Linux? Why netcat is used?
what use of netcat in hacking? what is ncat? natcat is tiny but very powerful, useful and multi purpose versatile tool for networking and it’s so popular in hacking community. also known as the Swiss Army Knife tool for networking.

explain of netcat with following practicals
port scanning
port listening
port opening
port forwarding
transferring files
netcat chat
secure tunnel
netcat secure connection
Windows reverse shell
Linux reverse shell
script executing using netcat

NetCat Persistence Backdoor full demonstration available on

In this video tutorial you will learn that how to create persistence backdoor and hack windows using netcat & metasploit. goto product page & buy this before offer end.

यदि दोस्तों वीडियो अच्छा लगे तो अपने दोस्तों के शेयर करें ताकि वह भी इसके बारें में जान सके | और हमरे यूट्यूब चैनल, फेसबुक, और ट्वीटर पेज को फॉलो करना न भूलें


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  1. sir ye kya apna tut par to pay karne ka option hai… ohhh yaar god meri help karo…anil bhai ke dil me kuch rahem dal do jo ye mujhe tut free me dede jab unke 500 subsciber the jabse unka subcriber hun or koi video mixx nahi karta….or mene unse kaha tha ek bar live aa jao woh ek bar live aye the jab bhi unka network bad tha,..or unka ek gift bhi mere pass pada hai ..unhone aaj tak apna address bhi nahi diya……wahi mere ek matr guru hai….wese to net par bahut tut hai magar sab bekar hai 2009 se hindi tut dudh raha tha tab jakar anil bhai ka channal mila to mujh me koi himmat ayi hai…ee allha meri dua kabool kar le ….anil bhai ke dil me raham bhar de

  2. Anil sir..
    U r doing wonderful job..
    But please put advance videos here which u cant put on youtube due to their terms and conditions.
    You have really such a big heart that the skills you have earned by your hardwork and knowledge that you are distributing with us..
    Long live anil sir…
    Blessings from punjab..


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